Yoga is the art of living

Today’s fast pace There are many such moments in life that put a brake on our speed. There are many reasons around us that give rise to stress, fatigue and irritability, which causes our lives to be disturbed. In such a situation, yoga is a panacea medicine to keep life healthy and energetic, which keeps the mind cool and the body fit. The speed of life gets a musical momentum through yoga.

Yoga is the oldest identity of our Indian culture. In the Rigveda, the first book of the world, mention is made about compound verbs at many places. After Lord Shankar, the beginning of yoga is considered to be from the Vedic sages. Later Krishna, Mahavira and Buddha extended it in their own way. After this, Patanjali gave it a streamlined look.

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There are many asanas in yoga, which many diseases are eliminated by adopting in life and the effect of dangerous diseases also reduces. If we use only a few minutes out of 24 hours in yoga, then we can keep our health healthy. Apart from being fit, yoga also gives us a positive energy. Yoga develops resistance to disease in the body.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that yoga is necessary for us in every way. It is beneficial for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Spiritual satisfaction, peace, and energetic consciousness are realized through yoga, which makes our life stress-free and move forward with positive energy every day. The sage tradition of our country is also adopting yoga today.

Things to do in Goa: Spice Farm

So you’ve come to do your yoga teacher training in Goa with us at Kranti Yoga. Or maybe you’ve come for a yoga holiday in the sun and want to know some other things to do in Goa while you’re here. We’ve got some great suggestions for you! Today on our list of things to do in Goa, we’re looking at a day trip to the local spice farm.

From Kranti Yoga you’ll drive for about an hour in land, taking in the Indian landscape as you go. The spice farm is located in a beautiful jungle setting and has been run by Raj and his family for over four generations. In your small group, you’ll be taken for a tour of the farm, they grow everything from vanilla, to coffee, to nutmeg, to turmeric, to chillies – for the fearless among you, you can even sample a chilli! But be warned, the smaller they are the hotter the my are! As you walk, you’re provided with all the information you could possibly ask for about how the plants grow, their uses, and the history of the farm and spices in India. The farm was established here hundreds of years ago the family are so connected with the land, the weather, and the climate that passes through each year. This trip is a must on our list of things to do in Goa.

You’re invited to experience all the spices and plants for yourself and you’re shown exactly how and where they harvest, prepare, dry, and store all of their produce. The tour is incredibly relaxed and you’re encouraged to ask as many questions as you like – Raj and his family are so knowledgeable and you can truly feel their passion for their farm. You’re even welcomed into the family’s home, built entirely of mud, which is quite a wonderful experience. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy a buffet style lunch cooked fresh on the farm each day (it’s absolutely delicious) and if you’d like you can even purchase some spices, coffee, or oils to take home with you.

We love to support local businesses so if you’re looking for some things to do in Goa on your day off at Kranti Yoga we would highly recommend a trip to the spice farm. It’s a incredibly interesting way to spend your time and you’ll return to Kranti with so much new knowledge and a repertoire of fun facts to share! Who doesn’t want a little more spice in their life?

Next time on our list of things to do in Goa, we’re looking at a trip to the temple.

Or, if you’re looking for a reason to come to Goa, have you checked out our yoga teacher trainings? Click the links below to find our more information on each course.


200 hrs Yin and Vinyasa Flow

200 hrs Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow

300 hrs Yin and Vinyasa Flow

300 hrs Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow

100 hrs Yoga Foundation Flow

100 hrs Hatha Flow Immersion

100 hrs Yin Immersion

100 hrs Ashtanga Adjustments

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Learn about yin yoga asanas and sequences with kranti yoga school

Yin Yoga, a less prevalent style of yoga in the west is a methodology that some may have never at any point known about. One that as far as I can tell, takes numerous a couple of times to truly warm up to and even get it. At first called “Daoist” yoga this style of yoga focuses on the profound connective tissues of the body (versus the shallow tissues) and the sash that covers the body; this Daoist yoga is to help manage the progression of vitality in the body.

Yin Yoga stances are progressively detached stances, for the most part on the floor and most of stances equivalent just around three dozen or somewhere in the vicinity, substantially less than the more famous yang like practices. Yin Yoga is remarkable in that you are approached to unwind in the stance, diminish the muscle and draw nearer deep down. While yang-like yoga rehearses are progressively shallow, Yin offers an a lot further access to the body. It isn’t phenomenal to see stances held for three to five minutes, even 20 minutes on end. The time spent in these stances is much similar to time spent in reflection, and I frequently talk understudies through the stances as though they were endeavoring to ponder. While in a Yin class you may see comparative stances to a yang class with the exception of they are called something different, on an essential dimension this is to enable the understudies to mind move structure yang to yin, dynamic to involved.

So what precisely is Yin yoga?

 It is an increasingly reflective methodology with a physical concentrate a lot further than Yang like practices. Here the expert is attempting to get to the more profound tissues, for example, the connective tissue and belt and huge numbers of the stances center around zones that include a joint (hips, sacrum, and spine). As one ages adaptability in the joints diminishes and Yin yoga is a magnificent method to keep up that adaptability, something that for some don’t appear to be too worried about until they see it is no more.

General advantages of Yin Yoga?

From a physical stance, yin stances are about discharge. Stances and breath work commonly center on controlling the belt—the profound connective tissues that fit like a sleeve around muscle gatherings and individual muscles.

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Connective tissues, for example, ligaments (which associate muscles to bones and help with skeletal development) and tendons (which interface issues that remains to be worked out other and help with generally speaking solidness), are additionally a focal point of Yin Yoga. Since these tissues endeavor to help and settle muscles and joints, they innately oppose changes from dynamic physical effort. Nonetheless, connective tissues lose flexibility in the event that they are underused (which can occur on the off chance that you have a for the most part stationary way of life) or as a characteristic result of maturing. This can exhibit physically as firmness, throbbing joints, or constrained joint portability.

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30 Days 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

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Information of yoga is so profound, there is no closure of it. With the thought process that understudy assembles more and more information of yoga, we “Kanti Yoga School” offers propelled level yoga program, i.e., 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in goa India. This program encourages you in hoisting your very own advancement and aptitudes. This program is uncommonly intended for the individuals who effectively finished their 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course and needs to take their training and information to another redesigned dimension. This 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course goa India satisfies the guidelines of Yoga Alliance and the confirmation is perceived and legitimate all inclusive.

300 hour yoga teacher training goa

Through this course, you support your aptitudes as well as your certainty. The individuals who need to build up the solid establishment of their yogic practice and want to drench into the wide sea of yoga can join this course and get profited by the positive and earth shattering change. The veteran and expert yoga masters will give you an inside and out investigation of Asana (pose), Advanced Pranayama and Meditation, Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy, Prana and Advanced Adjustments and Sequencing. In addition, the cutting edge logical points of view of neuroscience, brain research, physiology, and life systems are what you get the chance to gain from this course. The experience you assemble from the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Goa will unquestionably help you in setting up your very own class. Thus, join ” Kanti Yoga School ” and accomplish a higher acknowledgment of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Goa

This yoga teacher training goa is a multi-style yoga course offered by the Kranti Yoga. This course extends your insight, abilities, and comprehension towards yoga and its standards. You will join unpretentious and definite strategies of yoga just as upgrading the learning on the capacity to educate and self-practice at a propelled dimension.